Cassity Trexler is an expert agent. She hears your needs and wants and finds it fast. Cassity will be the first recommendation I make to anyone who wants to buy or sell their home. Her personal attention to detail leaves a lasting impression of quality service.

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The first recommendation I make

I recommend Cassity and Travis Trexler for their hard work and drive to find you the perfect home. They are very knowledgable and trustworthy realtors. They are wonderful.



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They are wonderful!

Cassity Trexler made our home buying experience fun and stress-free. She was patient with our many questions and an expert throughout the entire financing, offer, and closing process. She made numerous recommendations that saved us time and without Cassity, we never would have ended up in a house that we truly love. A year later we still feel lucky to finally have our dream home and are so thankful that Cassity helped us find it. We would recommend Cassity to anyone who is looking for a new house. She was truly amazing and a huge help in every single phase of the home buying process.



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Fun and stress-free

We came to the Phoenix area, from Alaska, with next to no local knowledge and were faced with locating and purchasing a home while still residing in Alaska. We contacted Cassity a few weeks before coming down to look around. She provided us with literally volumes of information on housing in the North Phoenix area, as well as detailed information on numerous homes in the area.
Upon arrival, she showed us numerous homes and was very attentive when we discussed our needs, and likes and dislikes. This helped us greatly in trying to narrow down our search. We were able to find a home (new build) and Cassity assisted GREATLY while it was being built. Her and her husband went out of their way to do periodic checks of the build, coordinate with the builder, and send weekly photos as the build progressed.
Our final walk through and closing went off without a hitch, thanks greatly to Cassity’s concern for us and her understanding of the potential pitfalls we could have faced.
I would recommend Cassity to anyone, local or out of town, who needs an absolutely first class realtor. Without a doubt, a 10 out of 10!



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Without a doubt, a 10 out of 10!

Cassity and Travis are a wonderful team who strive to get you in your dream home. Their knowledge of the valley and housing market is nothing but the best and they are to be trusted 110%. I would recommend them to anybody and everybody.


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They are to be trusted 110%

Cassity is local to the community where I wanted to sell or rent. She was very knowledgable on going prices for rent and selling. She supported me in trying to rent the property, but then also supported me to open the property up to sell too. She was excellent in communicating to me what was going  on. For finding the right renters it was great that she helped to screen out applicants that would not have worked out. She was on top of the project and I was able to rent in a timely manner. While the house was on the market she also drove by there several times to make sure everything looked good. I highly recommend her.


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Very knowledgable

We were referred to Cassity by a friend and had a wonderful home buying experience with her. She was very attentive and easy to reach, always returned phone calls and emails. Showed us lots of houses and made sure we didn’t get into a home that could potentionally have a bad resale value. She was  always very honest therefore we trusted her completely. We are now in a beautiful home and the process was so fast and flawless. She definitely takes care of business and makes sure her clients get the best of the best. We are so grateful and forever clients. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication Cassity!!



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Trusted her completely

Cassity has represented our real estate needs for several years now. She has always been cheerful and efficient, as well as extremely professional. We will use her every time as our realtor, and I give her my strongest possible recommendation.


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Extremely professional

Cassity was a pleasure to work with; everything you would want in a quality realtor. She is knowledgeable of the area, the process requirements and what it takes to successfully close a deal. She took the time to ensure everything was always in order and that we were always informed. She was  accessible and responsive. Cassity cared about making the entire experience a pleasant one. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!


Absolutely recommend her

Cassity has helped us buy several homes and helped my family buy homes. She is attentive, caring and honest. She goes ABOVE and BEYOND to make sure every detail is taken care of. She is fabulous!


She goes ABOVE and BEYOND