When you come from a family of realtors, real estate is more than just a transaction—it’s a way of life.

With that comes the realization that in order to handle all the intimate workings of real estate at the highest level with the biggest deals, you need to curate a team of experts. That’s exactly what the Trexler Team has done because they believe two things:

  • Every deal is the most important deal.

  • Every client should benefit from all the best resources and experts that real estate provides.

The Trexler Team is not just one realtor trying to handle everything, it is a sophisticated team of experts that handles every single piece of the transaction so that you get the finest experience from start to finish.

Why does this matter to you?

The industry is full of individual realtors trying to manage every step and every detail of a real estate transaction. While that is ok for some, today’s market continues to get more complicated, this is why it is vital for you as the client to make sure you have the right team by your side every step of the way. With the Trexler Team, you can rest assured that you truly have a team behind you that will handle every aspect of your transaction to its highest level—providing you with the luxury experience.

Our Team of Experts

Arizona Real Estate Trexler Team of Experts

As the leaders of the Trexler Team, Cassity and Travis Trexler fit perfectly into the real estate industry. It is rare these days to find one Arizona native, and with Cassity and Travis you have two! This brings a deep understanding of the history and local knowledge of the market, giving clients an edge on the trends in real estate. It all results in them understanding and meeting clients needs.

$80,000,000 = Total Trexler Team Sales To Date

Cassity’s real estate career started when she was eight years old going to open houses with her grandmother. She continued to grow deeper into the real estate life as she watched her father work in real estate. Pulling from childhood experiences of studying real estate investment possibilities with her Dad, sitting in the office and at open houses, she discovered a passion for real estate. In fact, every life choice Cassity has made has led her to being a perfect fit for real estate and being able to represent buyers and sellers in the best way possible. Her knowledge and education of working with people spans almost 20 years, as she has put her Master’s in Counseling to use in positions working with people through government work and now real estate. This gives Cassity a deep understanding of the psychology of buying and selling homes, and the emotional experience that clients have through the process.

Travis has an equally impressive background that positioned him perfectly for real estate. His path began with a commercial pilot’s license, leading to a flight instructor position, and finally the Vice President of Training at an international commercial flight school. He developed expert negotiation skills traveling and negotiating deals with airlines in China, Vietnam, South Korea, and Thailand. Everything aligned when Travis decided to reduce his time away from home with a career change at the same time that Cassity was turning away clients because her real estate business was booming. Travis got his real estate license and joined the team in 2015, bringing with him over a decade of negotiation experience as well as becoming a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE)—a certification only one percent of all agents carry. >> Learn more about The Trexler Team.

Consistently Given a 5-Star Rating from Clients

“Cassity and Travis are a wonderful team and show nothing but the most perfect expertise in real estate! They will do anything and everything they can to make the process as smooth and easy as possible while buying and/or selling a home. Whenever we had questions about selling our home, there was no waiting for an answer. One of them, or someone on their team would answer me back quickly and thoroughly. They also made our house sell very quickly by staging it perfectly and having their amazing, go-to photographer come in and take pictures of our house for the listing. After the staging and photographer, our home was irresistible to the buyer’s eye. Also, when it came to searching for our perfect home, they always made sure we were able to get right to it so we wouldn't miss out. Because of their fine team, you never wait for a response regarding any subject matter. You won't be able to find anyone better.”
— Lindsay, Buyer and Seller

Trexler Team Top Rated Realtor Arizona

Over 200 Homes Bought and Sold